March 26, 2019

** Nova Scotia paramedic, convicted of sexually assaulting women, denied day parole


** Day parole is apparently not in the near future of one Nova Scotia paramedic convicted of sexually assaulting several women. That is the word from CBC (March 29) which said the appeal for release for James Duncan Keats was denied because he has not taken full responsibility for his crimes. According to the news site, Keats has only recently recognized the seriousness of his actions. To apparently prevent re-offending in the future, however, he has taken up Buddhism, meditating, and some counselling. Originally sentenced to four years behind bars, Keats’ situation worsened when other women came forward to say they, too, had been sexually assaulted while he was on the job. He was convicted in two cases and had 30 months added onto his existing sentence. So far, his jail time has seen him tagged with committing two infractions. Charges, however, were later dismissed. One of the instances involved him building a false wall in his prison cell, while the other saw him steal a screwdriver bit.


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