March 26, 2019

** Female Virginia medic sues former employer after alleging she was fired for reporting male co-worker’s sexual harassment


** A Virginia medic from Virginia Beach is suing her former employer for wrongful termination after she said the company fired her in March of last year when she reported being sexually harassed by a male colleague. That is the word from the Southside Daily (Adrienne Marie Mayfield/March 13) which said Suzanne Grimes launched her case against Sentara Healthcare in the US Eastern District Court of Virginia.  According to the newspaper, Grimes’ complaint alleges the harassment went on for approximately seven months before she complained. Along with the co-worker making comments about Grimes’ body and those of her female co-workers, he also allegedly referenced his own genitalia and sex life. Grimes claims he additionally invited her to touch him inappropriately and exposed himself to her. When the incidents were reported to management, Grimes says she was told she was lying and fired. Her lawsuit seeks recompense for lost and future earnings, as well as for pain and suffering. A Sentara spokesman, meanwhile, said that the organization takes all such allegations seriously. The male co-worker is no longer employed with the company.


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