March 26, 2019

** Pennsylvania woman charged after faking pregnancy to get ambulance ride home


** A Pennsylvania woman from Greensburg has been charged with theft of services after using a faked pregnancy to get an ambulance ride home. That is the word from The New York Post (AP/March 29) which said the unidentified 25-year-old undertook the ruse March 20th. According to the newspaper, she called EMS claiming to have complications with her pregnancy. Medics attended and transported her from Latrobe to a Greensburg emergency room. She then walked out of the ER before receiving treatment. The jig was up for the woman, however, when EMS gave police her name and contact details. If convicted, the woman could face an $800 fine. Greensburg police Captain Robert Stafford, meanwhile, said given the woman’s current situation, she would have fared better calling an Uber.


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