October 16, 2018

** UK woman’s fine for nasty note on ambulance angers patient’s family


** A West Midlands patient’s family are decrying a court’s light sentence for a neighbor who harassed paramedics with profanity and a nasty note as they attempted to treat the ill woman. That is the word from The Bristol Post (February 21) which quoted the husband of Tunstall resident Christine Heath as saying the 120 pound fine handed to Kirsty Sharman was ridiculous. Brian Heath, 66, who has a restraining order against Sharman, said the incident has depressed his wife who remains in hospital suffering from respiratory issues. Sharman issued her foul missive after the EMS unit stationed itself in a parking spot outside her home earlier this week. The profanity laced writing demanded medics move their van. When one of the practitioners went outside to retrieve some equipment, she then let loose with verbal abuse as well. Sharman admitted in court to a charge of using threatening words or behavior. Along with the fine, she was tasked with paying 135 pounds in costs and a 35 pound surcharge. A spokesman for the West Midlands Ambulance Service, meanwhile, said they were satisfied with the case’s outcome and hoped it would serve as a deterrence for future incidents.


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