October 16, 2018

** Pennsylvania woman charged after allegedly attacking attending paramedics


** A Pennsylvania woman from Wyoming is expected in court March 12th for a preliminary hearing following a January 11th incident in which she attacked two paramedics trying to help her. That is the word from the Times-Leader (February 15) which said Jolene Gubitoso, 35, has been tagged with aggravated assault x 2, simple assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, and operating a vehicle without insurance. According to the newspaper, EMS was originally hailed to help Gubitoso after an MVA. She told attending medics she had consumed cocaine, but said she was not the driver of the vehicle. During transport to hospital for a wounded foot, she punched one of the medics in the face and slapped the other. Medics then halted the unit to wait for police. A subsequent search of her purse found a razor blade and a powdery white substance.


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