March 26, 2019

** Punctured ambulance gas tank in New Brunswick causes havoc at Fredericton ER


** A New Brunswick ambulance from Fredericton caused havoc at an area ER on New Year’s Day after fumes from its ruptured fuel tank forced patients to relocate from the site. That is the word from CBC News (January 2) which said the incident at Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital occurred around midnight and saw about 30-40 litres of fuel spilled in the EMS bay. According to the news site, patients in the ER experienced dizziness and light headedness from the fumes. Several vents on the northeast side of the facility were shut down to prevent the smell from spreading throughout the hospital. Arriving ambulances are now having to use the hospital’s front door to deliver patients. A spokesman for the hospital said the ambulance bay would be undergoing a thorough cleaning. The EMS rig, meanwhile, was towed away for repairs.


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