January 17, 2019

** Texas woman facing charges after allegedly trying to stab attending medics

** San Francisco Fire Department investigated for letting paramedics work without proper credentials


** A Texas woman from Corpus Christi is facing aggravated assault charges against a public servant after a Sunday incident in which she tried to stab medics attempting to help her. That is the word from KRIS TV (January 14) which said the 6:30 p.m. incident played out after practitioners loaded the apparently unconscious woman into the ambulance. According to the news site, while lying in the rear cab the woman suddenly revived, grabbed a pair of scissors, and lashed out. Police were immediately called and the woman was placed under arrest. No one was injured in the incident. A police spokesman told reporters the woman may have ingested synthetic marijuana prior to the attack.

** San Francisco Fire Department brass are apparently coming under scrutiny for allegedly allowing 13 paramedics to work four months without proper county accreditation. KTVU (Candice Njuyen/January 15) said The Emergency Medical Services Authority Enforcement Unit began their investigation January 8th. According to the news service, several of the medics involved are now concerned that they will lose both their EMS licences and their jobs. A union rep said all of the practitioners were still, however, individually licenced since they had worked for private providers prior to their fire department employment. A fire department talking head, meanwhile, said the issue resulted from a clerical error. SFFD Lt. Jonathan Baxter said steps have now been taken to correct the error.


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