January 17, 2019

** New South Wales medics in Australia livid over potential wage hikes for rail workers


** New South Wales paramedics, as well as hospital staff and corrections officers, are up in arms at the possibility of the rail union managing to bust the government’s stated salary cap of a 2.5 per cent pay hike. That is the word from The Daily Telegraph (Annabel Hennessy/January 20) which said the brouhaha ignited after news broke that rail workers may secure a 3 per cent wage hike in defiance of the cap. Public Service Association Rep. Stewart Little said strikes could ensue if the rule was not applied equally to all unions. Health Services Union NSW secretary Gerard Hayes, who represents paramedics and other workers, said a wage hike for rail workers beyond the cap would also see his members publicly campaign against the limitation during the upcoming election. Despite the potential exception for rail workers, however, state Acting Treasurer Victor Dominello said the 2.5 per cent rule was necessary for the state’s continued financial wellbeing.



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