January 17, 2019

** UK medic keeps job despite kissing elderly woman on the lips and questioning her about her sex life


** A West Midlands paramedic has been handed a two year caution order after he asked an elderly female patient about her sex life and kissed her on the lips. That is the word from The Metro (Tanveer Mann/January 26) which said the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) found Timothy Stringer, 42, guilty of misconduct, but said his actions were not sexually motivated. According to the newspaper, Stringer showed up at the 88-year-old widow’s home claiming he had left his stethoscope there. The woman said he did not leave until she said she had relatives who were members of the police force. Several weeks later, Stringer returned with flowers and an apology. A note attached to the flowers had his phone number on it. Despite the woman saying Stringer was creepy and aggressive, the panel did not strike him off. A spokesman said members believed the woman had given different accounts of what happened and that her memory was faulty. Though disciplined, Stringer remains on the job.


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