February 21, 2019

** South African pastor seeking culpable homicide charges against paramedics after child dies


** The pastor of a Pretoria church said he plans to have a pair of paramedics charged with culpable homicide after a child at his church died Sunday. That is the word from News 24 (Alex Mitchley/December 26) which said Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng claims the practitioners spent more time berating the boy’s mother for not going to a clinic than actually helping him. Mboro said medics also did not give the child immediate oxygen and did not take a proper medical history. According to the newspaper, Mboro’s comments come a day after EMS spokesman William Ntladi publicly said the pastor assaulted one of the female paramedics attending the call. Ntladi said Mboro repeatedly attempted to forcibly load the child’s body into the ambulance, while parishioners menaced and heckled the providers. At one point while waiting for a back-up unit, the female medic locked herself in the driver’s cab because she feared for her safety. She was then treated in hospital. The pastor, meanwhile, denies he mistreated the woman.


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