January 17, 2019

** Retired UK paramedic given slap on the wrist for downloading violent rape images of children; 2nd conviction on child porn offences


** A retired paramedic from Herne Bay, convicted of downloading explicit and violent child pornography pictures to his computer, has been given only a 15 month suspended sentence as punishment. That is the word from Kent Online (December 13) which said new EMS Hall of Shame inductee Roger Clegg, 75, had hundreds of offensive snaps on computer, including ones depicting child rape. Clegg’s lawyer said his client’s current skin cancer battle and his supposed struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) were both mitigating circumstances that should prevent a jail term. This is despite the conviction being Clegg’s second involving underage pornography. Clegg retired from EMS due to health problems in 1999.


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