February 19, 2019

** London, UK medics run off their feet with calls on “Mad Friday”


** UK paramedics in London were run off their feet this past weekend after the so-called “Mad Friday” before Christmas led to EMS receiving some 300 calls for help per hour. That is the word from The Evening Standard (Hatty Collier/December 17) which said London Ambulance Service received a total of 6,279 calls on December 15th. The stat is up five per cent over help hails from the previous Friday. At one point, medics were asked to assist a drunken man who was in a garbage can. Paramedic Nathan Lasham, 37, said many of the calls were drink related. Lasham said medics are frustrated that prioritizing drunk and unconscious people delays treatment to conscious individuals who are actually in distress. LAS deputy director of operations Kevin Bate said irresponsibly drunk people definitely delay treatment for individuals who really require emergency medical help. Hospitals, meanwhile, have openly appealed to the public to drink responsibly so that visits to local emergency departments can be avoided.


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