February 21, 2019

** Colorado patient settles lawsuit after alleging EMT beat him up

** Former Ontario paramedic headed to jail for second time on child sex charges


** A Connecticut man from Monroe has settled a lawsuit against an EMT he says beat him up while in the ambulance last year. The Connecticut Post (Daniel Tepfer/November 7) said Robert Alix received an undisclosed amount of money in the suit that named medic Alejandro Ramirez, as well as the Town of Monroe, and the local ambulance service. According to the newspaper, Alix contended he suffered lasting physical injuries after the assault. He also said that Ramirez berated him by telling him to cut his hair and join the military. At the time of the incident, Alix was in shackles and being taken to hospital from the local jail. Along with Ramirez allegedly hitting him in the head with an iPad, Alix claims the EMT also choked him. Ramirez’ partner Michael Suchinski, who was driving, confirmed the account. Ramirez, 44, meanwhile, said the iPad hit was an accident that occurred after he lost his footing while the EMS unit was on a bumpy road.


** A former Ontario paramedic from Kawartha Lakes will be cooling his heels in jail for the next 17 months after being found guilty of child sex charges. YorkRegion.com (Ali Raza/November 4) said Robert John McRae, 52, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual interference and one count of sexual assault. The conviction is his second in three years. In 2014, McRae was also sentenced to 17 months in prison for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy in 1986 and a boy between 9-12-years-old during 1992-95. His most recent run-in with the law saw police arrest him on June 8th of this year, two years after the victim went to police. McRae was charged with sexual assault x 6, sexual interference x 5, and forcible confinement. The charges relate to the time period of 2004-12. The crimes took place in Georgina and Vaughan.


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