February 21, 2019

** UK man sentenced to six months in jail for headbutting paramedic, knocking him unconscious

** BC civilians being trained as first responders to deal with opioid overdose crisis


** A Nuneaton man has been sentenced to six months in jail after headbutting a paramedic and knocking him unconscious Saturday. The Coventry Telegraph (Annette Belcher/November 14) said David Neal, 33, apparently attacked the West Midlands Ambulance Service medic while intoxicated. The provider was attending on a patient at an area house at the time. According to the newspaper, Neal’s blow sent the prehospital provider flying across the room before he lost consciousness. Neal pleaded guilty to assault Tuesday. He also copped to several other assault charges and a tag for domestic assault. Neal’s lawyer said he does not remember the incident. Of the six months imposed, Neal is likely to only serve four.


** In an effort to stem the rising tide of opioid drug overdoses in BC, civilians are now being trained as first responders. That is the word from Global News (Jeremy Lye/November 14)which said the effort is focusing on less traditional overdose areas such as homes. According to the news service, non-government groups like Megaphone Magazine and the Overdose Prevention Society are spearheading the training. How to Save a Life Frontline Stories facilitator Jackie Wong said the initiative is aimed at saving lives in more out of the way regions. So far this year 1103 people in the province have died from drug overdoses. This time last year the number was 607. In September, BC Coroner’s Officer stats show 80 people in the province died from ODs in that month alone.


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