October 16, 2018

** UK medic suspended for six months after posting unflattering remarks about EMS manager on Facebook

** Florida man arrested after bomb materials found; claimed he wanted to hurt first responders


** A Welsh paramedic from Cardiff has been suspended from practicing for six months after allegedly posting denigrating remarks about a manager on his Facebook page. That is the word from the BBC (November 13) which said the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) said Clayton Bright cyberbullied the senior manager by calling him things like nepotistic, gutless, and a Muppet. He also apparently called the man worthless, spineless, backstabbing, and lying, as well as fat, bald, and hopelessly unqualified for his job. Bright’s rant was apparently sparked in 2014 when he failed to win a position as Special Operations Manager with his service. Along with the derogatory comments, Bright also apparently posted unflattering and altered pictures of the man. The HCPC said eleven posts were both offensive and inappropriate. Bright did not attend the disciplinary hearing.


** A Volusia County, Florida man remains in police custody after telling authorities he was anti-government and wanted to harm first responders. Fox News (Katherine Lam/November 13) said Christopher Langer, 31, was arrested Saturday after police discovered explosive devices at his home following a call-out for a domestic disturbance. According to the news site, Langer, who lives with his parents, was apparently drunk and unruly when police arrived on-scene around 4 p.m. A search of the house found Langer’s bedroom filled with bottles of urine, feces, and chemicals like sulphuric and nitric acid. Police also discovered a disabled pineapple grenade outside his bedroom window and two other explosive devices. Volusia Sheriff Michael Chitwood said police believe Langer was attempting to build a bomb. He said Langer had had previous interaction with authorities about two weeks ago when he suffered a drug overdose from which he was revived. He has been charged with making and possessing a destructive device and remains in jail pending the posting of a $5,000 bond. Police said more charges could be forthcoming.


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