February 19, 2019

** South African boy dies after ambulance delayed during ambush

** Jury selection begins in trial of San Francisco man accused of killing off-duty EMT


** An 8-year-old Western Cape boy is dead after an ambulance ambush early Wednesday morning delayed the EMS unit from arriving at the hospital. The Citizen (November 8) said the 1 a.m. attack saw the crew robbed and held at gunpoint. The ambulance was then disabled. According to the newspaper, the boy had earlier suffered a severe head injury from an MVA. There is no word on whether or not police have nabbed the culprits or on what charges they might face when apprehended.


** Jury selection begins today in the trial of a San Francisco man accused of shooting and killing an off-duty EMT outside a nightclub three years ago. SFBay.ca (Julie Parker/November 8) said Taaron Bragg, 21, stands accused of shooting and killing Camilo Senchyna-Beltran, 26, on December 7, 2014 after an early morning altercation. According to the news site, Bragg’s lawyer intends to argue self-defence, claiming Bragg feared for his life. Bragg, who has pleaded not guilty, claims Senchyna-Beltran struck him in the face prior to Bragg shooting him in the chest. Bragg’s lawyer said his client’s actions were motivated by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from an earlier gun incident in which his brother died. At the time of his arrest, Bragg was wanted on an outstanding warrant for robbery and misdemeanor theft.


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