February 21, 2019

** Increased violence against medics drives UK service’s anti-abuse ad campaign


** A 10 per cent increase in attacks on East of England ambulance personnel has led the service to undertake an anti-abuse campaign. That is the word from PR Week (Magda Ibrahim/November 30) which said the campaign comes after the service recorded 250 assaults during 2016/17. According to the news site, the incidents included kicking, punching, head-butting, spitting, and sexual abuse. Launched Monday, the drive is focusing on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Along with posters, the service is also highlighting the personal abuse experiences of various medics. An EMS spokesman said the aim of the publicity is to draw attention to a growing problem, at the same time as warning potential abusers of the service’s zero tolerance policy for dealing with such incidents.


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