February 19, 2019

** Victim of Florida “Selfie War” paramedics sues


** A victim of Florida’s “Selfie War” paramedics is demanding $200,000 compensation for the distress caused by being photographed without her permission. That is the word from The Crestview Bulletin (Tom McLaughlin/October 4) which said a Pensacola based law firm filed a notice of claim for an anonymous client, 39, late last month. According to the newspaper, the suit calls the Okaloosa EMTs’ conduct negligent and inexcusable. The victim was photographed November 17, 2015 while lying unconscious in the back of an ambulance. The action says the woman’s privacy was breached by the illegal publication of the snaps. Sheriff Larry Ashley said five EMTs and paramedics were involved in sharing 64 videos and 101 photos of 41 different patients. Many were unconscious, sedated, or intubated. Two medics were charged for the crimes, while three were fired.


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