March 26, 2019

** Massachusetts paramedic fired for commenting on football players kneeling during national anthem

** Kentucky EMT charged with cocaine possession


** A Sterling, Massachusetts fire department paramedic has been fired for chiming in against kneeling football players on her Facebook page. That is the word from NECN (Eli Maroney/October 5) which said Linda Kimball was sacked after an internal investigation looking into the September 24 post. According to the newspaper, officials determined Kimball used racist language to describe the NFL football players who refused to stand during the national anthem. She was let go Wednesday. Kimball’s husband, who defended his wife and is a firefighter, will have to undergo sensitivity training. Kimball was also fired from a job with Worcester based Vital EMS.

** A Kentucky EMT from Nelson County has been arrested and charged with cocaine and drug paraphernalia possession. The Kentucky Standard (Randy Patrick/October 5) said Springfield resident Jerry Lynne Hurst, 57, was arrested September 22nd in Washington County. According to the newspaper, Hurst was at his niece’s home when police found two packets of a white substance in his wallet. A spokesman for Hurst said he was wrongfully nabbed and was only helping his niece with her children. Hurst’s niece was also arrested and tagged with drug charges. Nelson County EMS, meanwhile, said Hurst would be drug tested before being allowed to return to work. He could also be fired, depending on the outcome of an internal investigation.


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