May 23, 2019

** Utah EMT/firefighter caught allegedly stealing drugs from his station, with IV still in his arm


** Utah police in Pleasant Grove arrested an EMT/firefighter Saturday after catching him in the midst of administering drugs to himself that he had just stolen from his station. Fox 13 (Matt McDonald/August 7) said Brenden Ivie still had an IV catheter in his arm vein when police walked in. According to the news site, catching Ivie in the act may be the answer to a string of three thefts plaguing the station since June. Ivie first started working at the fire station as a high school intern. He had been employed as an EMT/firefighter with the United Fire Authority part time since January of this year. His last shift was July 30th. He has been tagged with burglary and possession charges. There is no word on his next court date.


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