July 18, 2019

** UK car cuts off ambulance, EMS patient breaks leg after hard stop

** Ontario paramedics in Waterloo Region ratify contract


** Cleveland police have put out a public information hail after an ambulance suddenly cut off by a passing car resulted in the EMS unit’s on-board patient breaking his leg. The Gazette (David Huntley/August 22) said the August 17th mishap occurred after the prehospital rig had to break without warning. According to the news site, the 9:40 a.m. incident on the traffic heavy A19 is believed to have involved an erratically driven black Audi. Police are calling for anyone who witnessed the incident to contact them. The paramedics involved, meanwhile, did not sustain any injuries. There is no word on the patient’s current condition.


** Ontario paramedics in Waterloo Region have apparently ratified their new contract, with the main perk being a 5.5 per cent wage hike over the next four years. 570 News (Casey MacDonald/August 22) said the deal for CUPE 5191 includes both prehospital toilers and fleet support workers. According to the news site, other improvements include adjustments for late calls, scheduling, and meal breaks. In addition, extended health care benefits saw minor changes.


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