February 21, 2019

** Florida police shoot and kill paramedic

** New York paramedics, police, and firefighters headed to Hurricane Harvey zone to provide aid


** Florida police in Sunrise shot and killed a former US Army combat medic Friday after being called to her home for a suicidal person. The Palm Beach Post (Sandra Nortunen/August 27) said Kristen Ambury, 28, who was also an ordinance specialist, died around 7:30 p.m after a 3 ½ hour standoff. According to the newspaper, SWAT team members shot Ambury after breaking into her home. Police said Ambury was drunk and threatened officers with a gun. Along with her military work, Ambury also trained paramedics for the American Heart Association and worked for Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. Funeral services are pending.

** In an effort to help rescue operations during Hurricane Harvey, New York is sending 120 paramedics, firefighters, and police officers to help. That is the word from the New York Post (Ruth Brown/August 27) which said the group, known as New York Task Force 1, will bring along boats, motors, dry suits, rescue equipment, hazmat gear, and food. According to the newspaper, the group has experience operating in disaster zones. Along with attending Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, members also provided service in Haiti, and during Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina in 2016.


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