February 19, 2019

** Florida EMT arrested for domestic violence

** Texas paramedic who raped female patient gets mere probation as sentence


** Florida police in Winter Haven arrested an area EMT Thursday for alleged domestic violence. The News Chief (Mike Ferguson/August 19) said Polk Fire Rescue medic Stephen Blood, 35, stands accused of attacking his wife Silva. According to the newspaper, an argument between the two escalated when Blood grabbed Silva’s arm and shoved her into a closet. Police say he then attacked her several more times before placing his forearm on her neck to cut off her air. Blood, who was suspended without pay following the incident, is currently being held on a $5,000 bail.

** A Texas paramedic and ambulance owner from McAllen, convicted of raping a female patient in his care some three years ago, has been given a mere slap on the wrist for the crime. That is the word from The Brownsville Herald (August 20) which said a judge sentenced Samuel Edward Benson III to ten years probation, with 180 days jail time. According to the newspaper, the stunningly light sentence has angered the relatives of the victim. Nancy Johnson, the girl’s aunt, said Benson’s position of trust over her niece meant the penalty should have been much harsher. Benson has remained free on bail since the March 15, 2014 attack. His case took 3 ½ years to come to trial. District Attorney Luis B. Saenz said the delays resulted from DNA testing requirements, Benson changing lawyers, and a civil case against Benson.


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