February 19, 2019

** Colorado paramedic sues police force after police raid home searching for marijuana


** A Colorado paramedic from Fountain is suing the city’s police force after the latter raided his home in search of marijuana and took his guns. That is the word from The Denver Post (Kirk Mitchell/August 17) which said Eli Olivas, who is a former combat medic and Bronze Star recipient, is seeking $100,000 in compensatory damages. He is also looking to get his AK-47, 5.56 mm Sig Sauer rifle, and Glock 17 returned. According to the newspaper, Olivas and his girlfriend Marisela Chavez claim the police department was negligent in not properly training officers on legal marijuana issues. Olivas is a registered medical marijuana patient who uses the drug to treat PTSD from his time in Bosnia. SWAT officers raided his home on July 22, 2016 using flash bang grenades and assault rifles.


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