March 26, 2019

** Detroit medics given largest raise in 4 decades

** UK medic sacked from practicing after posting pics of emergency scenes on Facebook


** Michigan paramedics in Detroit are apparently about to get the largest raise in over 45 years. That is the word from The Detroit Free Press (Christine Ferretti/June 21) which said a three year collective bargaining agreement amendment would see EMS practitioners get a 4 per cent wage hike. According to the newspaper, the agreement was ratified Monday. Detroit City Council approved the deal the following day. Some 213 EMS Division staff will get the increase which will be funded by savings in another department. In January, a new attendance incentive program could also up wages. The raise, while modest by most standards, comes at a time when Detroit is only starting to claw itself out of bankruptcy.


** An Essex paramedic has been suspended from practicing entirely after apparently posting pictures of car crashes and other emergency scenes on his Facebook page. The East Anglian Daily Times (Adam Howlett/June 21) said East of England Ambulance Service practitioner Simon Williams posted the snaps to interest people in an online jewelry business. According to the newspaper, Williams, who resides in Clacton, was initially suspended for 12 months starting last June. The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), however, made the suspension permanent after determining the misconduct was a danger to the public. Williams did not attend a June 14th hearing into the matter. HCPC spokesman Ian Comfort said there was no evidence Williams had ever addressed the issues that led to his suspension.


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