March 26, 2019

** Trial for WWII Auschwitz medic in Germany now has three new judges after prosecutors complain of delays

** Taiwan to make informing first responders of HIV status mandatory?


** The trial of a former WWII Auschwitz medic has now seen three new judges appointed after three others were removed for bias. That is the word from the Associated Press (June 24) which said the Neubrandenburg state court appointed the new judges on Friday. According to the news service, the decision for change was made after prosecutors filed a complaint against the court for repeatedly deeming Herbert Zafke, 96, unfit for trial. Zafke stands accused of 3,681 accessory to murder counts pertaining to a one month period in 1944. During that time, the camp processed 14 transports of Jewish prisoners. Zafke is alleged to have assisted in the killing by putting gas in the gas chambers. He lawyer, however, says Zafke was not involved.


** HIV-positive individuals may soon have to reveal their condition to first responders, if a new law proposing the procedure passes. The Taiwan News (George Liao/June 25) said the potential statute is being touted after a medic with an open wound was unwittingly exposed to the blood of a HIV patient. According to the newspaper, the medic then spent NT $20,000 to prevent himself from developing the disease. Bill sponsor Chen Yi-chieh’s legislation proposal comes after the government publicly said patients do not have to tell first responders of their HIV status. A spokesman said the administration was against the idea because first responders are not medical personnel.


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