January 17, 2019

** Texas medic ticketed after falling asleep at the wheel and crashing ambulance

** Scottish medics cry foul over official stats on paramedic assaults


** A Texas paramedic from Corpus Christi has been ticketed by police after allegedly falling asleep at the wheel while on the job Tuesday. That is the word from KZTV 10 (May 23) which said the 4:30 a.m. incident played out with the medic crashing the EMS unit into a concrete barrier on the Harbor Bridge. The ambulance was not carrying a patient at the time. No one was injured in the minor mishap. The ticket was for failing to stay in his lane of traffic.


** Scottish Ambulance Service staff are crying foul over official statistics on paramedic assaults, saying the actual number is likely far higher than acknowledged. The Daily Record (Vivien Aitken/May 24) said some providers say numbers could be as much as 20 times what is cited because practitioners are afraid to report attacks. According to the newspaper, the service saw 188 reported assaults last year, as well as 140 verbal assaults. Around 146 of the physical attacks involved knives, bottles, kicking, punching, and spitting. In five of the cases, charges were laid. These included aggravated assault with intent to kill with a knife or firearm and threatening to kill or torch property. Retired paramedic John Marr, 53, said the main impediment to reporting attacks is that most providers feel management doesn’t have their backs. He also said the related paperwork takes time that medics do not have. A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesman said paramedics should not hesitate to report such incidents. A Scottish government talking head, meanwhile, said, while distressing, attacks against EMS providers are decreasing.


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