February 21, 2019

** Australian man denied bail after assaulting medic treating pregnant woman

** Former US Army combat medic in Colorado charged with vandalizing mosque


** A New South Wales man from Belmont has pleaded not guilty to assaulting a paramedic who was trying to treat the man’s pregnant girlfriend. The Herald (Sam Rigney/April 3) said Wade Still, 22, appeared in a Newcastle court Monday. According to the newspaper, Still was charged Sunday after the 1:40 a.m. fracas. He was tagged with obstruct or hinder ambulance officer with an act of violence, assault police officer, resisting arrest, destroy or damage property, and contravening an AVO. Wade, who was apparently high on ICE at the time of the alleged assault, was denied bail. After being told by a judge he would be held in custody, he cried.


** A former US Army combat medic has been charged in the March 25th vandalism of a Fort Collins, Colorado mosque. That is the word from Fox 21 (Alexa Mae Asperin/April 1) which said Scott Giaquinto, 35, has been tagged with felony mischief and a misdemeanor hate crime. According to the news station, he is set to appear in court today. If convicted, Giaquinto could serve up to 18 months in prison. Giaquinto previously served in both Iraq and South Korea. He has been in Fort Collins for the past year.


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