February 21, 2019

** Alaska flight EMT charged with distributing child porn

** Louisiana latest state to consider allowing medics to carry guns


** Alaska police in Anchorage have charged an area flight EMT with distributing child pornography. KTVA (Danielle Rivera/April 25) said Jonathan Shrack, 26, was nabbed by authorities in November of last year after an undercover online investigation. According to the news site, following the serving of a search warrant at Shrack’s home, Shrack admitted to downloading, viewing, and distributing the images. Police said some of pictures involved children as young as 3-years-old and were brutal in nature. Shrack, who works for LifeMed LLC, was formally arrested April 19th. He is now on unpaid leave and out on bail. A reporter’s visit to his home found he resides there with a woman and a small child. His next court date is set for May 5th for arraignment.

** In keeping with what appears to be an emerging trend, Louisiana is now looking at allowing its first responders to carry firearms on the job. That is the word from American Military News (April 25) which said House Bill 186 would require medics and other public safety officers to take a qualification through the state’s Council on Peace Officer Standards and Training. Bill supporter Rep. Larry Bagley said the potential statue is about ensuring that first responders can protect themselves from attackers in unexpected situations. KSLA (Jeff Ferrell/April 14) quoted Balentine Ambulance Service Communications Director Casey McBeath as saying he supports the concept of medics carrying concealed weapons. He said, however,  he thinks any statute should mandate yearly recerts with the weapon. A similar bill was passed in Kansas last year. Both Texas and South Carolina are now looking at first responder gun legislation.


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