December 16, 2018

**Australian paramedic taken off duty after being attacked by MVA patient

** High percentage of ambulances in Northern Ireland deemed not roadworthy


** A New South Wales paramedic from Wollongong was taken off duty Sunday after being assaulted in the ambulance by an MVA patient. The  Illawarra Mercury (Glen Humphries/April 9) said the unidentified provider was attacked while the EMS unit was en route to hospital. According to the newspaper, the patient had suffered head injuries in the car crash after his vehicle hit a metal pole. His face struck the steering wheel during the collision. Police said the man was outside of his car at the time of EMS arrival. After the man became violent, three paramedics and four police officers were needed to restrain him. There is no word on the paramedic’s injuries or whether or not charges will be laid.


** Some 40 per cent of Northern Ireland ambulances are apparently not roadworthy. That is the word from The Irish Mirror (Linda McGrory/April 9 ) which said 524 EMS units were deemed unfit for service last year. According to the newspaper, 18 were towed away and labelled as dangerous following the Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT). Only 52.2 % of ambulances or 701 rigs passed the vetting. Brakes, lights, and steering alignment were the main problems found. Despite the disappointing test results, a spokesman for the National Ambulance Service merely said that all ambulances currently on the streets are in compliance with CVRT standards. There was no reason given for why so many units had failed to pass muster.


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