September 23, 2018

** South African paramedic shot and killed at convenience store, not at station, media now reports

** Rock tossed at in-transit UK ambulance; shatters passenger side window


** News services in Johannesburg have clarified a Saturday incident in which a paramedic was shot and killed, saying he died at a local convenience store and not at his station. That is the word from News 24 (Iavan Pijoos/March 13) which said the practitioner and his partner had gone to the Tshwane locale to buy food around 9 p.m. According to the newspaper, the armed men attacked the medics at the shop. The unidentified provider was shot in the torso while the other managed to avoid any harm. A public appeal for information has been issued, but no arrests have been made. Police continue to investigate.


** West Midlands police near Drotwich are searching for three thugs who threw a rock at an in-transit ambulance, shattering the passenger’s window Sunday. The Worcester News (March 14) said the after midnight incident occurred as the EMS unit was taking a patient to hospital. As a result of the attack, transport was delayed while a second ambulance was hailed to complete the call. Medic Steve Hopkins was driving the prehospital rig at the time. He said he saw three teens clad in black at the side of the road just prior to the window exploding. No one was injured in the incident, but police continue to investigate.


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