September 23, 2018

** Michigan police investigating after ambulance hits, kills pedestrian

** Proposed Ohio bill would see SWAT medics allowed to carry guns


** Michigan police in Southfield are investigating a Monday accident in which an ambulance on a non-priority transport hit and killed a pedestrian. Fox 2 Detroit (March 6) said the 4 a.m. incident occurred after the victim had already been struck by a Chevy Impala. According to the news site, police said the man was not seriously injured in the first impact, but ran in front of the EMS unit in the second one. The ambulance did try to swerve and avoid the man, but could not do so in time. Police have not released the victim’s name but said he was staying at a nearby hotel.

** A proposed bill before the Ohio legislature would allow EMTs working with SWAT teams to carry guns. That is the word from The Dayton Daily News (Laura A. Bischoff/March 7) which said the potential legislation specifies the firearms would be for self defence only. According to the newspaper, police academies would offer appropriate weapons training if medics opted to carry the weapons. Colerain Twp. Fire Department Lt. Kris Prosser works with the Hamilton County Police Association SWAT Team. He said medics just want the ability to defend themselves while treating patients in danger zones. Prosser said the option is important because SWAT EMS providers can sometimes be mistaken for police officers because their uniforms are so similar.


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