September 23, 2018

** South African paramedic shot and killed in EMS station robbery

** New York man charged after breaking female medic’s rib


** A Saturday night robbery at a Gauteng ambulance station resulted in one of the medics present being shot and killed. That is the word from News24Wire (March 13) which said the 7:45 p.m. incident in Tshwane saw the unidentified practitioner shot in the abdomen. He was transported to hospital, but died the next day. Three other medics are currently being given PTSD counseling. Police continue to investigate.


** Wednesday has been set as the next court date for a New York man who punched a female paramedic and broke her rib. Oswego County Today (March 12) said Phoenix resident Lawrence J. Kline, 54, has been charged with assault in the second degree in relation to the incident. The tag is a Class D felony. According to the newspaper, Kline attacked the woman March 8th while being transported to Syracuse’s SUNY University Medical Center. Apparently intoxicated, he swung at the woman several times before successfully landing a blow on her torso. He was arraigned on the charges March 9th.


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