September 23, 2018

** Burial next week for Massachusetts combat medic who went missing during Korean War in 1950


** March 31st has been set as the funeral date for a Massachusetts combat medic who went missing during the Korean War in 1950. That is the word from The Tri-City Herald (Mark Pratt/AP/March 21) which said the remains of Cpl. Jules Hauterman Jr. will be buried in Holyoke in the family plot. Hauterman was reported missing in December 1950 when he was just 19-years-old. He was posted with the 31st Regimental Combat Team at the time and was participating in a withdrawal from the Chosin Reservoir. He was declared dead when the military was unable to locate him. Remains discovered in 1954 and sent to Hawaii were disinterred last year. They were found to match Hauterman’s dental records.


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