September 23, 2018

** South African medics in Cape Town protest violence against EMS personnel

** Ohio police nab fugitive who attacked paramedic


** Cape Town paramedics took to the streets Friday to protest an upswing in violence against EMS practitioners. The SABC (Bianca Moodley/March 10) said the picket coincided with the appearance in court of the suspects charged in the Christmas season robbery of an EMS crew in Khayelitsha. According to the newspaper, the men, who have withdrawn their bail applications, will also be in court this week. The December incident is just one in a long list of hits against ambulance personnel. In the past 12 months, 80 such assaults have occurred in the city. By way of combating the problem, medics are receiving police escorts in high crime areas. Front line providers are also calling for harsher sentences for offenders.


** An Ohio fugitive, who bit a paramedic trying to help him, has been arrested at a Steubenville homeless shelter on a warrant issued January 24th. WPXI (March 11) said McKees Rocks resident Cody Shaw, 26, was taken into custody Thursday. According to the newspaper, Shaw attacked the paramedic during a potential heroin overdose call in August. Charged with aggravated assault in the incident, he failed to appear at a preliminary hearing. Because he was apprehended in Johnson County, extradition proceedings are underway to transport him to Allegheny County. He remains in jail pending the transfer. The paramedic in the incident, meanwhile, was treated at the time in hospital and released.


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