October 15, 2018

** Former Australian paramedic sentenced for marijuana grow op

** UK medic loses licence to practice after stealing Entonox


** A former Queensland paramedic was given a 12 month suspended sentence Thursday for growing marijuana in his backyard shed. That is the word from 4BU 332 am (March 3) which said Derek John Wendt claimed he undertook the grow operation for medical purposes. Wendt said he suffered chronic neck and back pain after injuring himself while working EMS two decades ago. His activities came to light last year after his shed caught fire. Eighteen kilos of cannabis were found at the location.


** A Scottish paramedic has lost his licence to practice after stealing Entonox for his personal use. That is the word from the Daily Record (Sally Hind/March 3) which said Brian Miller, who was working as a medic at Fife’s Knockhill Racing Circuit track at the time, apparently emptied 3 canisters of the drug. The firing is the second for Miller. He had also been sacked from the Scottish Ambulance Service for taking Entonox. At the time of that termination, he had worked there for 12 years. Miller worked for the racing track between 2012 and 2015.


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