June 18, 2018

** Mexican car crash patient pulls gun on paramedics, escapes ambulance

** Former Rhode Island EMT allegedly murdered by grandson


** Mexico City police have arrested a man who not only caused an accident killing 8 people, but also pulled a gun on paramedics transporting him to hospital Sunday. The Washington Post (AP/February 20) said the unidentified person, 26, fled the EMS unit in a taxi after brandishing the weapon. He was apprehended a short time later. According to the newspaper, the man was driving an SUV in the western part of the country when he hit another car. All of that vehicle’s occupants and one in the man’s SUV were killed in the crash. There is no word on charges or the man’s first court date.


** Funeral services are set for Friday for a long time former Rhode Island EMT found murdered in her home February 10th. That is the word from The Providence Journal (Amanda Milkovits/February 21) which said the commemoration for Eudora Gustafson, 66, will also include an honor guard. According to the newspaper, police believe Gustafson was killed by her grandson and his girlfriend. The pair also allegedly robbed Gustafson’s home and are now in custody. Raymond Paiva IV, 24, has been charged with murder. He and his girlfriend Selena Martinez, 21, have also been tagged with using money from the sale of Gustafson’s car and jewelry to buy heroin. Gustafson worked with the Bristol Fire Department until 1996 when fibromyalgia caused her to retire. She leaves a husband, three children, seven grandchildren, and four great grandchildren behind.


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