February 19, 2019

** Ontario paramedics want naloxone amounts in ambulances to increase

** Two New York EMTs on restricted duties after social media post


** Ontario paramedics are apparently lobbying the Paramedic Chiefs to increase the standard amount of naloxone ambulances carry. That is the word from The Ottawa Sun (Joanne E. Laucius/February 6) which quoted Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa President Daryl Wilton as saying the current two vials and two respirators should be doubled. Wilton said even this amount may need to increase, given the opioid crisis plaguing cities and rural areas alike. In 2015, for example, stats show 529 opioid deaths in the province. Of these, 162 were due to fentanyl overdoses. Carfentanil, which is an elephant tranquilizer, is also fueling the request. Experts told the newspaper the drug has been seen on Ontario’s streets since December of last year. A letter to the chiefs on naloxone amounts is being sent this week.


** A pair of New York EMTs are now on restricted duties after posting a clip on the Internet of them recklessly driving an ambulance while music blared. The New York Post (Dean Balsamini/Susan Edelman/February 5) said the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) pair will remain benched until disciplinary measures are complete. According to the newspaper, Eric Stone, 22, and Sebastian Velasquez, 21, are still employed but are not doing patient care. The 25 second clip, which Velasquez posted, shows Stone mugging for the camera, dancing in his seat, and taking his hands off the wheel while actively driving.


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