February 21, 2019

** UK ambulance service accused of bullying now says it planned investigation into claims all along

** German trial of WWII Nazi Auschwitz medic continues


** EMS bosses with the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMB) have apparently done an about face on bullying allegations, saying they will now investigate the charges. That is the word from the BBC (February 15) which said the apparently long planned review will be done by University of Plymouth Prof. Duncan Lewis. According to the news service, the look-see is being funded by Health Education Kent, Surrey, and Essex. The move comes after a service talking head dismissed bullying accusations as unfounded or already having been dealt with. The comments came after The Daily Telegraph detailed the allegations. The article said two dispatchers attempted suicide because of the fraught work climate.


** The war crimes trial of Nazi Auschwitz WWII medic Hubert Zafke, 96, is continuing, despite his ill health. Fox News (AP/February 14) said the latest snippets about the proceeding involve the exclusion of two Jewish brothers whose mother died in Auschwitz. According to the news service, Walter and William Plywaski of Boulder, Colorado were not added as  co-plaintiffs because their mother’s death occurred outside the dates covered by the indictment. Zafke has been charged with 3681 counts of accessory to murder for a month long period in 1944. Along with delays due to Zafke’s ill health, several pauses have also resulted after co-plaintiffs claimed judges were unduly biased.


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