February 19, 2019

** Ohio cop/EMT struggle will not result in charges, police say

** New South Wales medics in Australia suspend ambulance chalking campaign after promise from premier on death and disability benefits


** A Portsmouth, Ohio incident, that saw a police officer grab a medic after the latter tried to stop him tasering a suspect, will not result in charges. That is the word from Fox 11 Eyewitness News (February 3) which said investigators have scrutinized body cam videos of the January 22nd incident and concluded the officer acted correctly. According to the news station, although initial footage appeared to show Sgt. Joel Robinson grabbing the EMT’s neck, another angle indicated it was the shoulder that was contacted. A detailed report on the investigation has not been released. There is no word on the reaction of the unnamed EMT involved.


** New South Wales paramedics have agreed to suspend their ambulance chalking campaign after the state’s premier signaled she intends to increase their death and disability benefits. ABC News (Kerrin Thomas/February 3) quoted EMS union rep David Lucietto as saying they will take Gladys Berejiklian at her word until further details are announced. The premier’s promise comes after months of medics using chalk to write their grievances on ambulance windows. Practitioners began their protests after a new insurance scheme came into effect last August. The majority of the complaints centre on the issue of payouts for injuries. Under the old scheme, medics injured to the point of no longer being able to work EMS would receive between $253,515 and $685,642. Those who couldn’t work at all would receive between $559,708 to $699,635 depending on their age. The new approach saw a flat amount of $123,487 no matter the age of the practitioner (Mazoe Ford/ABC/October 14). It also included a 2 year income protection benefit for sick and injured providers who are recovering or rehabilitating.


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