June 21, 2018

** UK fugitive, convicted of assaulting female paramedic, arrested

** Badly burned Irish medics to return to work after ambulance explosion


** UK police in Milton Keynes have finally nabbed a fugitive convicted of assaulting a female paramedic last November. That is the word from MK FM 106.3 (February 2) which said Sonny Miah, 25, was taken into custody Tuesday. Miah appeared in court the same day and will be sentenced at an undisclosed date. According to the news site, a warrant was issued for Miah’s arrest after he failed to show for his court case and subsequent conviction on January 18th. Court heard that Miah attacked a female practitioner trying to help him on November 15th. He punched her in the leg and spit on her. He then bit one police officer on the hand before punching and spitting on another. The tags for his escapades included assaulting a constable in the lawful execution of his duties x 2 and assault by beating.


** A Baltinglass paramedic injured in an ambulance explosion last September 22nd will likely return to front line work soon. That, at least, is the possibility being dangled by Dublin Live (Sarah Slater/February 2) which said the badly burned medic’s partner will probably be tasked with more of a training role. According to the newspaper, the men sustained burns to their heads, faces, torsos, and arms when they attempted to rescue patient Christopher Burn, 75, after the ambulance burst into flames. The practitioners, identified as David Finnegan and Stephen Lloyd, were not successful in their efforts. To date, three separate investigations have been started to look into the blast. So far, however, no conclusions have been made as to the cause. Current scrutiny is focusing on the ambulance’s on-board oxygen cylinders.



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