June 21, 2018

** Indiana ambulance service posts online tribute to medics killed 4 years ago in ambulance crash

** South Dakota paramedic/firefighter loses leg in motorcycle crash


** Indiana medics in Indianapolis paid tribute Thursday via a Facebook page to a pair of medics killed four years ago in an ambulance crash. WISH TV (John Hanlon/February 16) said the commemoration for Tim McCormick, 24, and Cody Medley, 22, noted their passing on February 16, 2013. The pair died after a driver distracted by her GPS slammed into the EMS unit. She was not charged in the incident.

** A Rapid City, South Dakota paramedic/firefighter had to have his right leg amputated Tuesday after an off duty motorcycle accident. Newscenter 1 TV (February 16) said Robert Rendon’s leg was taken off below the knee. According to the newspaper, Rendon’s bike collided with a pickup truck. There is no word on how the accident occurred. Fire Department spokesman Lt. Jim Bussell, however, said Rendon’s life was probably saved by a Good Samaritan who put a tourniquet on the leg prior to EMS arriving. Rendon, who has been with Fire/EMS for the past nine years, continues to recover in Rapid City Regional Hospital.


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