June 21, 2018

** Nova Scotia appeal denied for paramedic convicted of sexually assaulting 71-year-old woman

** Minnesota air ambulance crash paramedic returning to work


** Disgraced Nova Scotia paramedic James Duncan Keats has lost his appeal on a conviction involving the sexual assault of an elderly woman. That is the word from the CBC (Richard Cuthbertson/December 29) which said the failed appeal was announced Thursday. According to the newspaper, judges disagreed with the defence’s contention that forensic experts erred when they did not tell the jury how they determined semen was present on Keats’ victim’s clothing. The woman, 71-years-old, alleged Keats raped her while he was on a call involving her elderly husband. The Thursday decision said the defence complaint was weak, since Keats’ lawyers could have challenged the evidence’s admissibility while the trial was still going on.  Along with the conviction for raping the 71-year-old, Keats has also been convicted of sexually assaulting 2 other women. He is currently serving 4 years in prison.


** A Nisswa, Minnesota paramedic is now back working in an EMS environment, some four months after surviving an air ambulance crash north of the Alexandria Municipal Airport. Infoforum (Beth Leipholtz/December 29) said Miles Weske has made the milestone after one month of hospital recuperation time and three months of house based rest. According to the newspaper, Weske was severely injured in the September 17th accident, suffering the most seriously of all three crew on-board. Along with C2 and C3 vertebrae fractures, he also sustained a liver laceration, several broken ribs, a broken sternum, broken femur, broken ankle, collapsed lungs and blood in his lungs. Nerve damage in his left hand and foot are ongoing, prompting him to use both a walker and canes.



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