June 20, 2018

** Illinois paramedic indicted on drug, fraud, identity theft charges

** Wyoming bill proposes standardization of EMS skill sets with bordering states


** An Illinois paramedic from East St. Louis has been charged after allegedly stealing drugs from his ambulance service, then using paperwork to cover the thefts. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Robert Patrick/January 24) said Jason Laut, 39, who worked for MedStar Ambulance as a paramedic, dispatch manager, and supervisor, was indicted last Wednesday. According to the newspaper, he has been tagged with wire fraud x 6, aggravated identity theft x 2, and making false statements x 29. Police say Laut obtained both fentanyl and morphine by concocting fake reports in which bogus patients were administered the drugs. In addition, he falsified doctors’ names to claim authorization for using the meds. The FBI investigation into Laut’s alleged misdeeds began in January 2013. Laut was released Tuesday on an unsecured bond pending trial.

** A Wyoming bill that would allow paramedics to work in surrounding states without loss of licensure is on its way to its second reading. That is the word from KCWY 13 (January 24) which said the proposed EMS Licensure – Interstate Compact, which essentially standardizes EMS care, follows along the lines of legislation already in place for both doctors and nurses. According to the news site, the potential statute would increase public access to EMS, at the same time as also aiding border counties in need of help from medics outside their jurisdiction.


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