July 15, 2018

** North Carolina EMT fired after decapitating, skinning dead dog hit by ambulance

** New York man arrested, charged after attempting to choke EMT trying to treat him


** A North Carolina EMT from Polk County has been fired after mutilating the body of a dog following an ambulance accident. That is the word from WYFF 4 (Myra Ruiz/January 17) which said Michael Purdy was let go January 11th. According to the news site, Purdy was in the EMS unit that accidentally hit and killed 9-year-old Shiloh shepherd Goliath on January 8th. After the driver of the prehospital rig reported the crash, Purdy apparently retrieved Goliath’s body, decapitated and skinned it. He then posted photos on social media. Polk County manager Marche Pittman said Purdy lied about the incident to them. Police are now investigating.

** A Moravia, New York man remains in jail in lieu of bail after allegedly choking an EMT sent to help him Sunday. The Citizen (January 17) said Christopher J. Davis, 48, has been charged with 2nd degree felony assault and criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation. According to the newspaper, Davis launched his attack around 1 a.m. after EMS was hailed to treat a man with a head injury at a local bar. Although details are sketchy, police said Davis became agitated while in the ambulance en route to Cortland Regional Medical Center. Once there, Davis was restrained and the EMT was taken for treatment for throat injuries. The medic was released from hospital several hours later. There is no word on Davis’ next court date.


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