June 21, 2018

** Texas EMT off to jail for next 6-12 years after firing on sheriff’s deputies

** Manhunt begins for UK fugitive convicted of attacking police officer and female paramedic


** A former Texas EMT from Stephenville will spend at least the next six years in jail after being sentenced Monday to 12 years for firing on two sheriff’s deputies doing a welfare check. That is the word from The Stephenville Empire-Tribune (Sara Vanden Berge/January 25) which said Cody Miller was convicted on aggravated assault on a public servant using a firearm x 2. According to the newspaper, Miller fired on the police on September 4, 2015. They had gone to his home after he told an emergency dispatcher he planned to commit suicide. None of the gunshots hit the police, but one bullet did ricochet off a cruiser. Miller has no previous criminal record. The court said he will likely get credit for time served.


** UK police in Thames Valley have begun a manhunt for a fugitive convicted of assaulting both a female paramedic and a police officer. 106.5 FM (January 25) said the search for Milton Keynes resident Sonny Miah, 26, began last week after his January 18th conviction. According to the newspaper, Miah did not show for the court proceeding. In his absence, he was found guilty of assaulting a constable in the lawful execution of his duties and assault by beating. The charges pertain to an incident on November 15, 2015 in which Miah spit on and punched a female paramedic in the leg. He also bit one police officer and both spit on and punched a second one. He was arrested April 12, 2016.


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