July 15, 2018

** Bail for Illinois man, accused of sexually assaulting female medic, set at $250 K

** UK man has jail sentence reduced despite verbally and physically abusing paramedics


** Bail has been set at $250,000 for an Illinois man who allegedly sexually assaulted a female paramedic, 36,  during transport to hospital last week. The Chicago Tribune (William Lee/January 14) said Chatham resident Roy U. Hill, 72, appeared in court Saturday. According to the newspaper, Hill has been charged with aggravated battery to a peace officer and attempted aggravated criminal sexual assault. The Wednesday incident played out around 9:30 p.m. as the EMS unit was en route to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Although Hill was in a neck brace at the time, he apparently became agitated, grabbing the female practitioner’s arm and pulling her hair. He then tried to put her face near his genitals and pull her on top of him. He also punched her in the ribs around 15 times. Once at the hospital, the paramedic’s partner and a security guard managed to stop Hill from further attacking the woman. The female medic was then treated and released from the hospital.


** A county court in Antrim has overturned a four month jail sentence handed to a man who spat on and assaulted paramedics trying to help him. That is the word from The Coleraine Times (January 15) which said the Monday change will now see the man’s term suspended for two years and court costs reduced from 750 to 500 pounds. The decision comes despite a judge in October saying the case was one of the worst he had seen. According to the newspaper, Martinstown resident Ryan McCambridge, 20, who was drunk at the time, previously copped to assault x 3, criminal damage to an ambulance and to a defibrillator x 2, and disorderly behaviour. En route to hospital, the EMS unit stopped five times while McCambridge’s verbal and physical abuse played out. The rig was then taken out of service because of the defibrillator damage and vomit. Cleaning the vehicle cost 345 pounds. There is no word on why the appeal was accepted and the sentence reduced.



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