July 15, 2018

** Ambulance service in Victoria, Australia suspends 10 paramedics caught using fentanyl

** New York expands Move Over law for drivers to include volunteer paramedics and firefighters


** EMS brass in Victoria apparently have their hands full with some 10 paramedics from Geelong being suspended in the last six months for using the drug fentanyl. That is the word from The Mercury (Grant McArthur/Harrison Tippet/January 19) which said the illicit med use was uncovered by an investigation by the Independent Broad Based Anti Corruption Commission. According to the newspaper, at least 5 medics have now resigned since the look-see began, with five others subjected to disciplinary action for misconduct. In the past three years, at least 2 paramedics have died from fentanyl overdoses. Fentanyl thefts from the service have also become a problem. There is no word on whether or not the paramedics involved in the matter will be charged criminally.


** New York has expanded its Move Over law to include volunteer paramedics and firefighters displaying blue or green lights. WRGB (January 19) said the statute change builds upon the earlier version which saw motorists asked to move over or slow when nearing police vehicles, ambulances, and fire trucks. Tow trucks, construction cars, and maintenance vehicles were also included in the 2011 law. Governor Andrew Cuomo said the amended legislation will assist in eliminating unnecessary hazards from unaware drivers, at the same time as further protecting emergency responders.


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