February 19, 2019

** Arizona man arrested after shooting at ambulance

** California EMT killed after pulling over to help stranded motorist


** A Phoenix, Arizona man was charged Sunday with several different felonies after allegedly firing into an ambulance with four people on-board. CBS 5 (January 31) said Leroy Scott, 25, has been tagged with aggravated assault, discharging a weapon within city limits, aggravated assault on police, and resisting arrest. According to the news station, Scott fired at the ambulance around 3 a.m. before making off in a car and then fleeing into a local convenience store. He then brandished his weapon and robbed the cash register. When police arrived on-scene, a scuffle erupted with the suspect eventually being tasered. The three officers involved in the melee sustained cuts and bruises, but were otherwise alright. The ambulance occupants, meanwhile, also escaped injury. There is no word on why Scott targeted the ambulance or when his next court date is.

** California paramedics in San Jacinto are mourning the loss of EMS responder Stacey Warriner, 44, who died one week ago after being hit by a car while stopping to help a motorist. The Press Enterprise (Craig Shultz/January 30) said Warriner died in hospital two days after the January 23rd accident. According to the newspaper, police have not yet released details on the crash. Warriner’s co-workers said Stacey was a thoughtful and generous individual who cared about others. An EMT for 18 years, she had moved with her family to San Jacinto in 2004 where she worked for the Morongo Fire Department.


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