June 20, 2018

** Missouri trains first responders, paramedics to help injured K-9s

** BC politician working to make PTSD a presumptive illness for emergency workers seeking workers comp coverage


** Missouri paramedics and first responders in Kansas City took part in training Saturday on how to treat injured police dogs. That is the word from KSHB (December 12) which said some 20 EMS personnel and K-9 workers participated. Among the skills practiced was IV insertion, subcutaneous injections, as well as wound bandaging for the torso, head, and limbs. Instruction was also given in intubation. The training is mainly aimed at aiding injured SWAT dogs who are too far from veterinary clinics to be effectively treated.


** A BC politician is attempting to make Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a presumptive illness for workers’ compensation coverage. CTV News (December 3) said NDP MLA Shane Simpson has proposed the bill to force the provincial government to step up to help emergency workers suffering from the problem. According to the news site, if passed such a bill would make coverage automatic without the need for an application process. In response to the potential statute, Labour Minister Shirley Bond said PTSD is already covered under work related mental disorders. However, PTSD is not explicitly referenced in current legislation.


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